Strategy Superstars


Looking for support and direction with marketing?


Let's stop the overwhelm and ad hoc marketing - join me for Strategy Superstars!


The Strategy Superstars Group Coaching Programme is for you if you want to get clarity & confidence to market your business successfully.


In this live 6 week programme, learn how to develop an effective marketing strategy and create a straight-forward plan to implement it.


The biggest marketing problem many businesses have is that they are marketing without a strategy or a plan.


As the business owner, you're so busy running the business that you haven't had time to actually plan your marketing. You've been winging it and it's kind of worked, but you know there's more you can achieve. Sound familiar?

  • Your business has grown organically and you've dabbled in marketing promotions here and there.

  • You're now ready to invest in marketing but are over overwhelmed by all the options available.

  • You're concerned about wasting money (and time!) on ineffective marketing.

  • Your business is growing reactively and you'd like to be more proactive about the direction you take your business.

  • You're overwhelmed by ‘all the things’ you think you should be doing for your business marketing and you need clarity on what you should prioritise.


I created the Strategy Superstars Programme after working with 100+ businesses on tactical marketing projects. So many of my clients were marketing without a plan or a strategy, they were just focussed on 'doing marketing'. Trying different tactics and hoping each idea would work.

That's why I’m so passionate about a strategic approach to marketing. You CAN achieve your goals in cost-effective ways if you've got a plan and strategy. It is possible to create a profitable marketing system for your business. And with an action plan to follow, marketing implementation doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Let me help you simplify your business marketing, and give you the confidence to market your business successfully. 

Wendy Tibbotts
Marketing Coach

You'll Learn How To..
  • Identify your key business goals and understand how to achieve them

  • Analyse your current marketing activities and understand what success metrics matter 

  • Review your offer suite and sales channels

  • Clarify what problems are solved by each product/service

  • Understand your ideal customer better and what motivates them

  • Evaluate the competitive environment your business operates in 

  • Identify opportunities in your business for growth

  • Define your point of difference and how to communicate that in your marketing

  • Market your business according to stages in a customer lifecycle

  • Develop effective strategies to market your business 

  • Create an easy to follow action plan to implement your marketing strategies 

  • Set up systems to consistently market your business to your ideal customer


“I wanted to develop a marketing plan and really had no idea where to start. Wendy made it so much easier and took the feelings of overwhelm away. 

I feel a lot more empowered and confident when I think of our marketing plan for the year and know where we are going*."

Sarah Smith, Waipuna Estate

How it Works:

6 Week Online Group Coaching Programme

  • ​5 x 1.5 hour Group Coaching Sessions 

  • 2 x 45 min Individual Coaching Sessions to get personal support for your business

  • Get theory and coaching on strategic marketing

  • Follow my 5 Step Framework for Marketing Planning

  • Develop your own Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan 

  • Get support on how to actually action your marketing plan

  • Sessions are held over Zoom in small groups

There will be ‘homework’ after each session - this is so you can implement what you’ve learnt in your business and get feedback on it in the next session.


To get the most value out of this programme you need to commit to every session. These are not pre-recorded workshops - you need to contribute during the sessions and you will learn from the other participants too. 

These are small group workshops - less than 10 people will be invited into each round of Strategy Superstars. 


$899 + GST 


New dates will be announced soon. ​


Is Strategy Superstars Right For You?

The Strategy Superstars Programme is ideal for established business owners that are ready to invest in marketing more effectively. It is not designed for start ups. 


If these statements apply to you then jump on the button below and apply as there are LIMITED SPACES available.

  • Your business has been operating for at least 1 year.

  • You are the business owner and you are a solo operator, or, you have a small team of people working in your business.

  • You've tried different marketing tactics and have some idea of what works for your industry.

  • Your business has the capacity to invest in marketing.


"Wendy is a great teacher and I have learnt so much about marketing my business. If you need to learn the how and why of marketing you need to do this course*."

Leanne Wickham, Red Pencil Ltd

  1. Is this for service or product based businesses?
    It's ideal for both! The concepts are relevant for both service and product based businesses. 

  2. Currently I market my business via social media and through my website. I don't really have a set marketing budget. Can I still apply?
    Yes you can! In the programme we will look at both your budget and resources available. We will review all the ways you could market your business and what kind of budget you might need to reach your goals.

  3. I am an established business but my revenue is low. Am I still eligible? 
    Yes - book a Discovery Call (below) and we can discuss your situation further and check the programme is a good fit for you.

  4. I don't have $1000's to spend on marketing - can I still do this programme?
    Absolutely! The key is use your budget strategically so we will figure that out for you during the programme. 

  5. I'm not the business owner, I work in marketing for a business. Can I still apply?
    The programme is definitely tailored towards business owners because you need to have information on the overall goals and long term plans for the business in order to create your strategic plan. But it could still work in some cases, so book in a call (below!) so we can chat about if the programme is a good fit for you. 

Still got questions?!
Book a Discovery Call to discuss the Strategy Superstars Programme further!

My Guarantee

During the programme, you will get the theory and knowledge behind strategic marketing so you can confidently make marketing decisions in your business. I will keep you accountable during our sessions as long as you complete the prescribed homework and attend both the live group workshops and the individual coaching calls. 

I will help you to create an effective and realistic strategic marketing plan designed to reach your individual business goals. Following the completion of the programme you will be expected to implement your plan in your business.

I look forward to working with you - let's do this! 


*Disclaimer: Sarah Smith and Leanne Wickham both completed an earlier version of the Strategy Superstars Programme.