Social Media Management 

Imagine the freedom knowing that you no longer need to manage your social media, but your brand is still consistently sharing relevant and strategic content and growing on social media. How good!


If the burden of content creation, regular posting and running your own ads on Facebook and Instagram has become too much, it might be time to outsource.

Using a combination of relevant and engaging posts and successful advertising campaigns, establish your company as a credible and reliable source of industry specific information and create a strong online presence which attracts new clients.

The Social Media Management package includes:


  • Implementation of your Social Media Strategy on 2 platforms - Facebook and Instagram

  • Creating content and leveraging relevant curated content

  • 3 feed posts per week (posting images / videos / articles / sharing information). Content may sometimes be similar on both platforms.

  • Please note that it is expected that some photos and video content will be supplied by the client.

  • Stories created and shared where appropriate.



  • Creating and managing 2 social media advertising campaigns per month linked to your Social Media Strategy


  • Linking with industry associates - liking/following/commenting

  • Giving responses on posted content on behalf of your business

  • Responding to enquiries on behalf of your business

Wendy Tibbotts of Zigzag Creative managing her client's social media branding

Zigzag Creative has limited spaces available for full social media management. Priority is given to dedicated brands ready to level up their social media marketing and commit to a monthly advertising budget and a long term strategy. 

If this sounds like you please get in touch to discuss opportunities available to work together. 

"Wendy and her team look after Giannis Pita Bread Social Media platforms and campaigns and do a fantastic job, hard working and professional, highly recommend."


- Simon Rangihaeata, Giannis Breads