Marketing Membership

Are you a business owner with an established business?
Do you want professional advice but still want to manage your marketing yourself?

Are you ready to level up and grow your business?


Results Club is for you if: 

  • You want help, support and advice to make marketing decisions.

  • You often leave ‘doing your marketing’ till last. 

  • You don’t want to spend more money on ineffective marketing.

  • You want to gain clarity and confidence with marketing.


I get it! Running your own business is hard and there is A LOT to do.
Never enough hours in the day and it can be freaking lonely trying to get it all figured out on your own.

I’ve created the Results Club so I can support business owners to market their business effectively and strategically, so they have a marketing cheerleader on their team.

As a member of Results Club you’ll get the coaching and accountability you need to ensure your marketing is more consistent and effective (scatterguns be gone!). You’ll learn new stuff every week that you can implement to grow your business and make more sales. Let me help you to prioritise your marketing and implement tactics that actually drive sales! I’ll be right there with you supporting you to get stuff done. Pick my brain and get my advice!

You'll be part of a supportive group of like-minded business owners. Together we can learn from each other, ditch the self-doubt and move forward to create results that impact our lives and our businesses! 




How It Works:

  1. Coaching - Upskill every week through group coaching and get feedback on your marketing projects. 

  2. Co-Working - Let’s get stuff done together in our weekly accountability sessions

  3. Community - Join the member Facebook group for support on the go and get access to resources online. 


Core Focus: 

  1. Strategic Marketing - Make effective marketing decisions that help to achieve your business goals. 

  2. Targeted Tactics - More than just social media! Consider the entire customer journey and support your target market through both online and offline initiatives. 

  3. Marketing Mindset - Tools and strategies to help you communicate effectively with your audience and create results in your business.


Group Values: 

  1. Consistency - Keep that marketing wheel moving by being marketing regularly

  2. Ownership - Be accountable for your business growth with the support of the group

  3. Action - Just Do It! Taking (imperfect) action creates results. 

“Results Club has been a real confidence booster, helped me understand I don’t have to do ‘new’ things all the time and I can repurpose and reframe content.

It’s helped me load more of ‘me’ into what I deliver. I tried more new things in marketing in the past 6 months, than in my whole time owning a business and loved it.”

Feedback from one of the original Results Club members

Is Results Club right for you?


  • To join you need to be a business owner of an established product or service business. 

  • You will be expected to have some foundational marketing knowledge and be ready to invest both your time and money in growing your business.

  • It it expected that you would have revenue/year of approx $50K excl GST. The reason for this is that you will get the best results if your business is no longer in the start-up phase. If you have any questions on your eligibility please don’t hesitate to get in touch as I'm happy to discuss this further.

You can join the Results Club at any time. The initial membership is for 6 months so that you have enough time in the group to get the most out of it, but from there you can continue, or leave for a bit and come back when you need some more support


$2142 + GST / 6 months membership. Pay in full and receive $100 off.

Or you can pay monthly ($357 + GST).


I would love to chat with you more about Results Club so we can figure out if it is a good fit for you and your business right now!


“The best thing about the Results Club was the dedicated time to focus on marketing and the co-working sessions; the people that are part of the club and what you learn from them – it’s awesome; the range of topics and detail covered ‘about’ marketing activities; simplifying and demystifying how it all works and making marketing relatable, actionable and repeatable for a small business owner."

Feedback from one of the original Results Club members