Wendy of Zigzag Creative providing 1:1 Marketing Coaching

Marketing Coaching

If you're ready to level up your business marketing, but you need some extra support to make it happen, you need a marketing coach in your life! 

There are so many different ways to market your business that it's easy to get stuck in overwhelm. Talking through it all and getting expert advice from a marketing coach is going to help you to go from 'analysis paralysis' to action stations! 


Results Club 

Join my Marketing Coaching & Accountability Membership! The Results Club has been created so I can support business owners to market their business effectively and strategically, so they have a marketing cheerleader on their team! 


As a member of Results Club you’ll get the accountability you need to ensure your marketing is more consistent and effective (scatterguns be gone!). You’ll learn new stuff every month that you can implement to grow your business and make more sales. Let me help you to prioritise your marketing and implement tactics that actually drive sales!


I’ll be right there with you supporting you to get stuff done. Pick my brain and get my advice! You can ditch the self-doubt and get the feedback you need to move forward and create results.

Help is Here! Wendy Tibbotts of Zigzag Creative

Social Media Coaching 

You're pretty clued up with most things social media marketing, but you need some extra support to go to the next level!​ You've got questions and you're ready to get some answers. (Facebook Help was really no help at all...!)

  • Perhaps you're sick of spending money on Facebook ads and not getting results?

  • Maybe your content fails to get engagement?

  • Are you struggling with some of the technical know-how?

  • ​Instagram growth eludes you and let's not get started on hashtags!​

Get personalised coaching to make the most of your social media presence. 1:1 Coaching is ideal for anyone that wants individual support and answers to all their questions regarding social media.

Marketing Coaching Power Session in progress

Marketing Power Session 

Things change pretty fast in the world of marketing. Keeping up with it all while running your business can be a challenge. A Marketing Power Session gives you individual support and answers to whatever marketing problem you're struggling with. 

Potential topics for your Power Session:

  • Launching a new product

  • Branding

  • Developing consistent messaging

  • Technical support on how to use marketing tools

  • Promotion and event planning

  • Developing your offer suite