Do you consider the day and time when you run a business post on social media or when you send an email campaign? I know, I know, you just do your marketing when it suits you, right? You’re working on your business and decide to send an email to customers or make a Facebook post, or you’ve captured the perfect Instagram image and you need to share it immediately? Right?  

 Wrong! Here’s why timing really is everything when it comes to digital marketing success.


Algorithms determine how successful a post is by how much interaction and engagement (likes, comments, shares, opens) the post achieves when it is first posted. So if you post something at a time of day when the majority of your audience is not online, your post is likely to get limited engagement. Eg. Too late at night, too early in the morning, or at a time of day when your audience is likely to be busy. The algorithm then decides that your content is not very relevant and interesting to your audience and therefore won’t prioritise your post by continuing to push it out to your audience.

Do the research and find out when your audience is online. Choose the time and day for posts that your audience is most likely to be scrolling and active on social media so that you get more people seeing your posts.

Instagram - Go to Insights > Audience > Followers

Facebook – Go to Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online (desktop version)

Then SCHEDULE your posts for success. The Facebook schedule option is great and there are plenty of tools like Later, Buffer and Hootsuite that you can use to schedule Instagram posts.


You want to send an email campaign at the right time of day and on the most relevant day to ensure your subscribers actually open your email. This will result in more clickthroughs to your website and more results from each email campaign.

People use email on their phones and devices as well on desktop, meaning they can access their emails at any time. But that doesn’t mean they actually will check emails 24/7. You need to consider the best time of day for the product or service you’re offering. For example, don’t send B2B emails over the weekend or at night. Your subscriber is not likely to be thinking about work stuff at this time and when they get to work the next day, your email is likely added to the list of unopened emails that are ignored to deal with tasks that need addressing asap.

Studies* have shown that TUESDAYS are the best day to send emails and this is followed by THURSDAY and then WEDNESDAY.

10am is the best time to send emails, but also try out 8pm (to catch people scrolling in the evenings), 2pm (when people need some afternoon distraction) or 6am (to catch those people who check their emails as soon as they get up).

For more email timing tips go to:*

Determine the relevant time and day for what you are promoting and the demographics of your audience. Then schedule your email campaign using your email marketing tool (Mail Chimp makes this super easy). You could also run split tests to see what time works best for your audience.

The timing guidelines for social media posts and sending emails are just that, guidelines. It doesn’t mean you won’t get good results if you do these activities at other times . It also depends on your message and how engaged your audience is. Test emails and posts at different times and see what works for your business and your customers. Let me know how you get on!

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