About Zigzag Creative

Zigzag Creative is a boutique marketing agency that offers a range of marketing services.

From coaching so you can confidently take the reins of your own marketing, to formulating a marketing blueprint for you to follow, or full-service social media marketing management to lighten your load!

I started Zigzag Creative in 2016 because I wanted to help businesses achieve success through effective marketing & smart design. A full suite of marketing, branding and graphic design ‘done for you’ services was offered.


After 4 years in business I had worked with 100+ local businesses and realised the focus for Zigzag Creative needed to change.

I discovered the biggest marketing problem most businesses have; they are marketing without a plan. They take a scatter gun approach to promoting their business and are often overwhelmed by all the options available. They could download resources and complete online courses all day long, but without a strategy, a plan and some guidance, they were unlikely to get the results they desired.

That’s why I’m so passionate about a strategic approach to marketing that helps clients achieve their goals in cost-effective ways.

With well-considered strategies, it is possible to create a profitable marketing system for your business. And with a strategic plan to follow, marketing implementation doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Zigzag Creative now specialises in Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing. Graphic Design and Web Design services are no longer available. I still offer Social Media Marketing 'done for you' services, but the focus now also includes educating and upskilling business owners so that they can manage their own marketing and create the success they deserve. 

Zigzag Creative is based in Christchurch and primarily works with businesses across New Zealand. The Zigzag team has now expanded to include 2 passionate marketing assistants that support the delivery of client work. 

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Wendy Tibbotts

Hello! I’m a degree-qualified marketing strategist that has worked in marketing since 2006 – both inside and outside the corporate world.

My professional career has included roles in Marketing, Graphic Design and Product Management and has seen me work one on one with small businesses or within larger teams in a corporate environment. I love to be creative and pride myself on offering unique solutions to my clients.


I’m passionate about putting my toolkit of skills to work for businesses both big and small. For me, helping business owners find their marketing groove and make real progress towards their business goals is an incredible thrill and a huge motivation!

It pains me (so much!) when I hear that business owners are spending their marketing budget ineffectively by jumping from one idea to the next without a clear strategy. I’m all about helping you find clarity and direction.

Together with my team, I pride myself on delivering results - real, measurable outcomes that put money in the bank.

Behind the scenes...

  • I'm a proud wife and Mum 

  • Amateur baker that loves cake decorating (my kid's birthday cakes are definitely passion projects!)

  • I'll always be a Graphic Designer - I may not offer design services anymore but I still love being creative.

  • I love to travel - I spent 2 years in Japan in my 20's and that fuelled my passion for overseas adventures! I've explored parts of Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, Europe and the UK so far.

Marketing Strategist

Social Media Lover

Business cheerleader! 

Wendy Tibbotts - marketing strategist & social media lover - business cheerleader - looking upwards

Meet the Team 

Zigzag Creative marketing services are delivered with the support of some talented team members. 

Emma Olliver

Emma Olliver

Emma is a passionate social media marketer that loves being creative in an ever evolving industry! When not working you'll find Emma cuddling up to her beautiful baby Gabriela, at the gym or exploring the great outdoors around Canterbury. She loves hiking and snowboarding. 

Kat Mcmillan

Kat McMillan

Kat is a digital marketer that loves to write so crafting the perfect caption is all part of the fun. The ultimate foodie, Kat loves to shop for, cook and consume gourmet treats as she roams the globe as a digital nomad. Currently stationed back home in NZ, Kat can be found on her laptop at the best cafe around, or hiking in the bush and scaling hilltops looking for the best view.