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No contracts and no fixed term agreements.

Choose one or more of the Zigzag Creative marketing packages below. Build momentum with your promotional activities and relax knowing your marketing plan is being implemented so that you can get back to the business of running your business.


Without clear goals you run the risk of spending money on marketing activities that don't work. This package includes a SWOT analysis, customer analysis, segmentation, analysis of the competitive environment and your product or service offering. A marketing plan is developed that utilises your resources and budget effectively. 


Engage Zigzag Creative for 10 hours a month to kick-start your marketing and implement your strategic plan for business growth. Perhaps you need assistance with promotions, direct
marketing, market research, advertising or updating
your marketing materials? 
Let's discuss the best way for Zigzag to help you out!


Do you make do without an in-house marketer or perhaps your team is overloaded? Choose this plan to ensure your marketing activities are executed regularly for success. It'll be like having a marketer on your team, without actually having to hire someone!


Having a social media presence without a plan is unlikely to achieve your objectives. This plan includes research on the best platforms for your social media presence and customer analysis to determine how best to target them. What type of content is your desired audience interested in? A strategy is defined, content plan developed and accounts set up in relevant social media platforms.


Basic social media management service designed to help your business interact with your target market and within your industry.
- Using one social media platform only
- Updating content
- Linking with industry associates
- At least 5 posts per month - posting images / articles / sharing information
- Recruiting followers


Establish yourself as a credible and reliable source of industry specific information and create a strong online presence which attracts new clients.
- Using 1 or 2 social media platforms
- Creating content, managing campaigns, giving responses, community involvement, linking with industry
- At least 10 posts per month


EDM (Electronic Direct Mail, aka, email newsletters) are an effective tool to communicate directly with your client list. An EDM can create awareness for new products and stimulate people to purchase. You can also share information that focuses on solving problems and create loyalty through relevant info and promotions. The emails are sent to your client list by Zigzag Creative but appear to be emailed directly from your business.  A report is provided following each EDM giving you in depth statistics including how many people read your email and what items they clicked on. You will also know which of your recipients clicked on each item, giving you the opportunity to follow up these clients for potential sales. 


Ensure your brand message is consistent across all of your EDM messages and the emails appear legitimate and credible. Get a professional template designed specifically for your business.


Professional email newsletter campaign sent directly to your client database. You decide how often you want to send out an EDM - for regular communication or to promote a specific promotion, event or new product. 
This package includes:
- Content creation & editing
- Preparing relevant images
- Using relevant links
- Segmentation & A/B testing
- A Success Report following each EDM campaign


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